Maximizing Guest Revenue and Satisfaction


Guest Max is a platform designed to improve the hotel guest travel experience and increase cross-sales for hotel and resort properties


Maximizing Guest Satisfaction

A guest’s time is their most valued asset when visiting your hotel or resort. 45 minutes to check in? Not happy. 30 minutes in line for dinner reservations? Not cool. Having to call the operator to report an issue to someone who doesn’t speak their language, only then to be forgotten? Not acceptable.

How likely are you to book a spa treatment at a hotel that only gives you limited information vs. a platform that has saved you hours of time in making dinner reservations or ordering a change of bed sheets?

With Guest Max, your guests have access to a platform, on their own devices, in their own language, that makes it easy to:

  • check in

  • request housekeeping, bellboy and maintenance services

  • make dinner reservations

  • order room service

  • check out

  • …and more.

By providing these services to your guests, we save them time, creating value and trust.


Maximizing Guest Revenues

By providing the tools described above, you will establish trust and goodwill with your guests. You can then leverage that trust and goodwill into cross-selling goods and services. Here are some examples of what your guests can do:

  • buy champagne, wine and /or flowers

  • reserve various activities, including watersports

  • book spa appointments

  • book photography sessions

  • sign up for Vacation Club briefings

  • buy excursions

  • sign up for rewards programs and/or future marketing communications

…all from wherever they are, on their own device, in their own language!


Additional Revenue from Tours and Excursions

Excursion sales are one of the highest grossing segments in the all-inclusive resort industry (after hotel and airline sales). We understand the value of the relationship that tour operators have with hotels. The Guest Max platform provides tour operators access to their own clients who are staying at your hotel. For example, on the Guest Max platform, Apple Vacations clients would see and have the option to purchase only Amstar Excursions. By providing a convenient, easy way for guests to book tours, we help hotels secure additional revenues.

Additional Guest Max Features

  • Hotel/resort guests access to Guest Max on their own device(s) via a QR code displayed strategically throughout the hotel or resort. Guests also have access to the Guest Max platform via our Guest Max Kiosks.

  • Hotel/resort employees have access to a suite of tools, including:

    • restaurant seating management and reservations;

    • ticket system for tracking, assigning and auto-escalating service requests;

    • product management with inventory and availability features;

    • SPA Management

    • Activities Management

    • Room Service Management

    • reports that allow hotels to compare sales and service results across multiple properties; and

    • team collaboration tools for assigning day-to-day or repetitive tasks to team members/staff.


1. How is Guest Max integrated with a Hotel/Resort Property Management System (PMS)?

The GuestMax team will provide your IT team with a simple 1-page API to establish a link for validation of guest names and room numbers. Our system will only request the name of the guest for verification purposes, and if it matches, will create a record in our system for the guest after they have agreed to our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Notice.


2. What are the tax implications associated with using Guest Max?

When Guest Max offers products and services via its platform to hotel/resort guests, it processes the transaction in its U.S. Domicile. To ensure compliance with local tax laws, hotel/resort transactions are invoiced by the hotel/resort to the client. At the end of each month, Guest Max invoices the commissions and fees due to the hotel, and deposits the hotel/resort’s net revenue to its chosen account.


3. How is guests’ payment card kept secure?

Guest Max does not collect or store payment card information. Guests’ payment card information is managed by our payment processor via an API.


4. What do Guest Max services cost?

We provide Guest Max starting at $0 USD for setup and $0 USD monthly cost.

We generate additional revenue with:

  • Goods, meals and services offered on the hotel or resort property – we charge a progressive fee (the more we sell, the lower your fee!) on all platform-generated room service orders, late checkouts, , spa appointments (if applicable), room upgrades, or any other hotel offering;

  • Sales of authorized third-party products and services – we contract with third-party vendors (such as watersports centers, photo studios, vacation clubs and tour operators) to facilitate bookings via the Guest Max platform (w

Please let us know if you would like more information about pricing and installation.


5. What’s included?

  • Basic system integration with our API

  • Initial Guest Max software configuration

  • Hands-on training for Employees

  • Unlimited technical support

Kiosks and ticket printers (for dinner reservations or room service orders) are sold separately.


6. What if we want to connect other systems to Guest Max?

Provide our team with the APIs for the features and systems, and for a small additional fee, we’ll set it up for you.


7. So what does my hotel or resort need to do to get Guest Max services up and running ASAP?

  • Sign the Guest Max Agreement

  • Fill out the

  • Provide the desired icons, photos, logos, and text for various hotel products, services, activities

  • Print tent cards for placement in all the hotel rooms

To learn more, or request a demo, please contact us by filling the information below.

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