Your Guest wants to be here.

But she’s wasting time standing in line.

Offer her Guest Max to maximize her satisfaction and your revenues.

What is Guest Max?

Easily Integrates with any PMS!

Learn to manage the system in 10 minutes!

Simple to Use!

Give your clients an easy to use platform to:

See Information on the hotel and area

Make Reservations for Restaurants

Request Housekeeping

Order Room Service

Buy Champagne and Flowers

Reserve Spa Treatments

Book Excursions and Activities

Contactless Checkin and Checkout

All this and more, in the guest’s own language, from their own device.

Guest Max also provides the hotel with back of the house tools:

Ticket Management with Escalations

Restaurant Reservation Management

Cross-Hotel Business Intelligence and KPIs

Inventory for Product Management

Simple to use Content Management

Availability for Service Reservations

Staff Training and Certification

Collection of data across the hotel chain

Detailed Sales and Transaction Reports

To learn more, or request a demo, please contact us by filling the information below.